Becca A. reviewed Comfort Mountain Salves 
       5 star Rating *****

August 11, 2018


I want to share the details of my experience with anyone wanting to read a review on Oyate Herbals!
This summer, Oyate herbals literally saved my hide. My husband and I got severely burned while kayaking, and I was without my “usual” sunburn applications while we were on vacation. (Ug, and we didn’t use enough sunscreen.) We quickly realized we were fried just a few hours later. I found and used aloe vera, but it didn’t help as much as I hoped. Intrigued, I had previously picked up an Oyate Herbals ad from someplace we stopped through...and remembering I had it, called to get some products for our burns. I used Oyate’s Healing Salve and the lotion in Rosemary Sage (loved the smell!), and I applied them one to two times a day, as was recommended to me. I am convinced if I had these products in hand at the moment I noticed my sunburn was so severe, I may not have peeled at all. At least I got some on by the second day.
My husband is stubborn when it comes to putting anything “lotion-y” on his skin. I wish (and he wished) he would have used Oyate like I did, because ultimately his entire body peeled, but I only peeled on a couple spots where the flesh layer is thin. My shins were the main area that peeled. A couple spots on my thighs were super damaged and I knew that flesh was definitely going to peel no matter what I applied. Before I had any Oyate products on me, that first day being burnt, my flesh stung when I moved. It was to the point that we felt like we were on fire, but we were shivering like we were cold. My husband and I were bed-ridden, covering ourselves with cold, wet hand towels, for basically the first two days. It was terrible.
I had a much faster recovery time than he did, thanks to Oyate. With my severely burnt skin, and because I didn’t get salve on my skin as soon as desirable (immediately!), it took about 3 days for my pain to significantly subside. However, I always felt better after the salve was on my skin. I definitely found relief from the itching part of the sunburn-recovery process. The way it conditioned my damaged skin helped reduce the pain, along with help of pain-relieving ingredients (I can’t remember the names...maybe camphor?).
Fair prices, and the lady who runs this business is genuinely passionate about what she does, passionate about her culture, is experienced, and is knowledgeable about her ingredients. She puts quality ingredients together that I can tell made a difference for me, and I am looking forward to buying more Oyate products in the future!

Debbi D. reviewed Comfort Mountain Salves


March 16th, 2019

I can say with conviction, Comfort Mountain Salves works really well. My wife has used the pain salve for various aches and pains. It almost eliminates her diabetic nerve pain. She also used the healing salve for a recent surgery for trigger finger. Amazing stuff.
I have used it for my chronic back ailments and torn ligaments. Being as active as I am, the pain salve & CBD oil have done wonders on my body.
Lastly, my long haired Shepherd dog had TPLO surgery on her knee for a torn ligament & crushed meniscus. The healing salve made all the redness & bruising virtually disappear.
I encourage anyone to try this product. It will not disappoint


Patti K. reviewed Comfort Mountain Salves 

5 star Rating *****

April 12, 2018 

Recently I had a very bad cat puncture wound. Because I wore the band aides too long I got an allergy or reaction. Tammie told me about the Healing Salve and I used it. It immediately took away the itching from the band aide reaction. And the puncture wound started healing very quickly. It was much better after about 3 days. I purchased both the Healing and Pain Salves. I'm a believer!

Matt B. reviewed Comfort Mountain Salves 

     5 Star Rating *****

July 21, 2018 

This stuff works great. I had some sun burn on my shoulders and put some of the lavender lotion on and instantly took most of the pain away. Still had some burning affect but made the night work go by a lot better. Recommend it to anyone give it a try it works great.

Heather Graham recommends Comfort Mountain Salves.

March 4 

So thankful for the CBD Salve. My friend with chronic pain said it made her feel better immediately & smells good too!

Amie K. recommends Comfort Mountain Salves.

November 6, 2018 

Oyate herbals has been a blessing to me and my family.
I’ve had this rash on my that had been there for months!!!!!! Tammie at oyate created a healing salve for my rash and within days the redness went away and with in a week it was almost completely gone!!!
We have used a lot of these products and I recommend all of them. They have helped my family is so many ways!!!!! Give Tammie a call!!!! She will find what works for you!!!!!!

Shelly M. reviewed Comfort Mountain Salves

     5 Star Rating *****

August 23, 2018 

The products I have purchased so far are amazing! My mom is a diabetic and her feet swell up and blister and were very red shes needed help walking up the stairs and bad knees with arthritis. Shes has been a solderer for over 45yrs and has deformed fingers. Since she bought the pain remedy within 3 days shes able 2 walk no more swelling of the feet or redness and the arthritis in her knees and hands have abled her 2 do more activities and go for daily walks. It brings tears to my eyes to finally see my mom able and happy to do things. For many years shes been to Drs and got prescriptions and tried every lotion oil imaginable and all failed but these products are a god send. And we like it because its all natural. Being diabetic and iron overload have 2 be careful of what to take. I am blessed to have been introduced to these life saving products thank you for all your support and help. It makes my day seeing my mom positive and planning adventures with my dad now. God bless you and your family. Always a life time.